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Data Processing

Welcome to Guarumo:

Where Data Turns
into Strategy

Who we are

We are a leading Colombian consulting firm with a distinguished track record in national surveying and data analysis. We take pride in excelling in the information gathering process, backed by a multidisciplinary team with experience covering both rural and urban territories.

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Experience that Transforms

We have a strong background in quantitative, qualitative, econometric, and statistical methodologies. From developing indices and typologies to structural models and time series analysis, our approach covers a wide range of specialized techniques.

Technological Leadership:

Guarumo has led the integration of technology into survey processes, evolving from surveys through telegram, Facebook Messenger, and web pages to innovative methods like mobile data capture, chatbots, geolocation, dashboards, and API integration.

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Outstanding Ranking

In the regional elections of Colombia in 2023, 2022, 2019, and 2018, Guarumo has stood out as one of the companies with the best performance, comparing official measurements published by polling firms with the definitive data on election day.


This recognition reflects our professionalism in fieldwork, the use of representative samples, objective questions, work methodology, and the incorporation of technology into the statistical process.

At Guarumo, every poll is a testimony of our dedication toward excellency. 

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Main office

Bogotá, D.C., Colombia



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