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Guarumo redefines data collection with efficient in-person surveys, supported by a digital form on Mobile Data Capture Devices (DMC). This application interconnects devices, data validation, and real-time indicator visualization, providing cost advantages and information security. With its offline capability, it is ideal for rural areas.


Data Quality:

The use of information grids on devices eliminates errors and detects missing information directly at the source, facilitating data collection and speeding up the learning curve.

Dashboards and Monitoring:

We use world-class tools to conduct analyses by variables and cross-reference data, creating a dashboard to track the schedule and meet proposed goals.

Information Security:

Users with assigned passwords have authorized access; user activities are meticulously logged. The information is sent in encrypted form and is deleted from the device after each synchronization. Furthermore, safeguards against data loss are in place with daily backups.

Real-time Consultation:

Builds the database simultaneously during the survey process, displays projections of sociodemographic indicators, and provides timely information on the progress of the process.

Tracking and Quality Control:

Stores surveys on each device and sends them to the platform for precise tracking and quality control.


Transformative Data: Real-Time Dashboards

Immerse yourself in advanced visualization with our dynamic dashboards. From d3 visualizations to integrations with CRM, our dashboards allow you to monitor in real-time, providing quick insights to drive your business strategy.


Explore and Decide      with Clarity

Explore the power of georeferencing with Guarumo. From detailed maps to real-time data, we provide a geographic perspective that drives strategic decisions.

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Big Data

Leverage the vast amounts of underutilized data in your company with Guarumo. Enhance your operations, gain strategic insights, and respond more effectively to customer needs. At Guarumo, we take care of gathering, integrating, and analyzing your data, unlocking the hidden potential of your business information.

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